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Form Study: Speed Form

Form Study: Speed Form

Formula SAE Final Body

Formula SAE Master Mold

Formula SAE Master Mold

Formula SAE Mold

City Gear Backpack modeling process

Aero: Final Model

Aero: Molding Process using silicone

Aero: Molding Process placing the mold into a vacuum degasser and pouring urethane into the mold

Aero: Model using a vacuum former to create the bezel and backing to the device

Aero: Model

City Gear: Arm Shield for motorcyclists concept that prevents hyperextending the forearm during a crash

City Gear: Arm Shield Modeling Process

City Gear: Arm Shield placing parts together to see how the final product looks

Wire Model Study

Dragon: Study on Pascal's Law using several syringes

Dragon: Dragon: Study on Pascal's Law having articulation in the claws using several syringes

Door Handle Concept for hospitals that helps the user open a door when hands are contaminated or full

E-Waste Bin


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