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Working collaboratively with other designers, departments and present my designs to clients in a very concise and visually clean presentation. My sketching skills will assist in developing creative ideas to visually communicate a concept. Knowing various modeling techniques aid in proportional studies and surface language. My computer skills using SolidWorks, Photoshop, Illustrator, Keyshot and InDesign help illustrate a concept to the team, client, investor, printer, fabricator, manufacturer and assembler.


A Graphic Design internship at Pi Design in 2004 started my career in design and my introduction to the Adobe Suite; it is there I first learned the importance of deadlines, and creating effective presentations. As I pursued my degree, I began to freelance to further my skill set, working various design jobs. At Faulconer Design I was tasked with model making, casting, molding, vacuum forming as well as building stylized prototypes of footwear for companies such as Under Armour, Dockers, and Converse. In 2011 I graduated with a B.S. in Industrial Design from California State University Long Beach. As a Lead Designer at ANDesign I gained insight into the workings of a small business, keeping up a good reputation in the industry, as well as meeting and exceeding deadline expectations.

As part of a design team at Incipio, we created a successful lineup of phone/tablet cases, wireless charging, and power accessories. For the iPhone 5 launch I created a weighted dummy spec of the phone so I can ensure fit, and feel. Having the client be able to interact with and have a close to real as possible tactical interaction with the product was important to me. I have been a part of the design process in each step, taking the design from concept, presentation for client approval, 3D model, technical pack for manufacturing, first article samples, to fit, and even traveling abroad to ensure a superior product and make any last adjustments at the manufacturing site. I later shifted industries to lighting at Intense Lighting, here I honed my skills in assembly and manufacturability.  An in-house luminaire assembly line, meant I could observe the manufacturability of my designs, as well as update drawings/specs to make adjustments if needed.

Just a big nerd who loves to design and to find time to be outdoors. Hiking allows me to pursue my interests in photography. Archery teaches me patience and the intuition of hitting a target. Finally, of course, the entertainment of watching science fiction and documentaries to expand my creativity. 


Crater Lake, OR

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