Industrial Designers: David Zermeno, Tim Hemesath and Derek Veldkamp

Match the elegant form with the iPhone 5 device and create new flagship cases for brand.


Existing product released 2010

Quadruple the array of products that were part of our flagship line of cases, that were previously released for the iPhone 4 device. Expand on the color choices that were lacking, create a iconic detail and brand identity that makes the customer say "That is an Incipio case." 

..the team and I created a very successful product lineup of iPhone 5 cases and other products at launch.


There are many factors that play a vital role around the camera opening. Making sure that the flash will not create a halo effect, keeping a true matte black pigment and the tool cost down. Most of our cases use the same tool for the camera ring, creating a consistent look with the iPhone 5 family and reducing any secondary painting process.


The original iPhone 4 offGRID case consistently broke near the volume buttons because the plastic was too thin. We came up with a solution of covering the volume buttons and designing a living mechanical hinge that looks very clean, with a sturdy case that protected the device perimeter. Expanding the Incipio line to portable accessories and working closely with the Electrical Engineer. 


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